10 Websites To Read Short Stories!

With changing times, the instinct of people has changed towards reading. While in older times, printed editions of story books were common, online reading is getting popular now. There are numerous such websites where one can catch up with stories online now.

1. Adam Maxwell’s Fiction LoungeWebsites To Read Short Stories - Adam Maxwell’s Fiction Lounge

Short stories and fiction cannot get interesting than this. In Fiction Lounge you can read and listen through many stories by Adam Maxwell and you can also get these through email.

2. FictionnautWebsites To Read Short Stories - Fictionnaut

Addicted to fiction and poetry collection? Fictionnaut is the website for you and is very popular with writers. You can even download the stories in PDF format and store these for reading at your leisure.

3. Flash Fiction OnlineWebsites To Read Short Stories - Flash Fiction Online

This site is unique and brings a range of flash stories alive. The audio version of the same is also available in podcasts and every such story is usually in 1000 or lesser words.

4. StoryWebsites To Read Short Stories - Story

This story website is an apt platform where short stories can be read and submitted. The stories can also be read by downloading the same in PDF format.

5. Five ChaptersWebsites To Read Short Stories - Five Chapters

This website publishes short stories every week and each of these is published in five parts. The site has around 242 stories written by over 222 writers. The stories range in word count from 5000 to 10,000 words.

6. Classic ShortsWebsites To Read Short Stories - Classic Shorts

In this site, you can search stories by titles and authors. Though limited numbers of stories are available most of these are classic tales.

7. Classic ReaderWebsites To Read Short Stories - Classic Reader

If you love reading out of copyright books online, classic reader is the website for you. The stories here can be searched by using title index and author index. Authors ranging from Oscar Wild to Louisa Alcott feature on this website.

8. East of the WebWebsites To Read Short Stories - East of the Web

This website features numerous categories of short stories ranging from non-fiction, horror to romance and science fiction. The stories are also available on the free iPhone app and can be read on the move.

9. 365 TomorrowsWebsites To Read Short Stories - 365 Tomorrows

True to its name, the stories on this website focus around science fiction related topics. A unique aspect of this website is that it has active forum where readers can post their comments.

10. American LiteratureWebsites To Read Short Stories - American Literature

This site has a huge collection of literary stories which are available in alphabetical order. Over 2000 stories are available on this website and popular authors as Rudyard Kipling, H.H. Munro and Mark Twain feature on this website.

With rapid changes in reading habits, large number of reading websites have come up. Check out the websites listed above and rekindle the reader within you.

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