10 Ways Self Driving Cars Will Help The World

Self Driving cars making life better - Safer Roadways

With increasing number of traffic day by day along with incidents of reckless driving, we are soon going to live in a world of chaos. At this point in time, we need some revolutionary ideas to change the way the road rage is increasing. The only thing that can save us is self driving cars.

Self Driving cars making life better - Google

1. Fewer Cars

43 percent of households have two or more cars as they have overlapping different trips, but with self-driving cars the percentage would decrease to 15. Since, Autonomous cars are easier to share, it will lead to people keeping fewer cars. Generally, People who own cars drive it to their destination and it is parked there till they have to go somewhere else. This leaves the car unused for a long period of time. With introduction of autonomous cars, the car can drive itself to pick and drop other members of the family.

2. Fewer Traffic Jams
Self Driving cars making life better - Traffic Jams

Factors like stalled cars, accidents, sheer number of cars on the road, etc leads to traffic. Hence, Traffic jams are one of the banes of modern life. Self-driving cars would reduce traffic jams. While stalled cars and construction work would still be a problem but there will be less accident and fewer cars in general. Autonomous cars will keep the traffic moving as they merge better, maintain a regularised speed, and drive smoother.

3. Less Road Rage

Nowadays road rage is a major problem around the world. It includes speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, cutting people off and also leads to seriously dangerous behavior which definitely can escalate to violence. People feel road rage when they feel they are not being allowed to pass, being cut off and fighting over parking spots are some of the most common reasons. With driver-less cars, road rage will be eliminated as self-driving cars drive as efficiently and safely as possible which removes a lot of emotion from driving.

4. Safer RoadwaysSelf Driving cars making life better - Safer Roadways

Accidents can happen at any time since there are so many vehicles on the road and that’s a massive problem. Horrendous car accidents have just been one of the downsides if people want to drive. Every year automobile accidents cost a lot. The expenses come from rescue services, property damage and police, loss of productivity, healthcare and change in quality of life. And then obviously there are the lives lost. Since 90 % accidents are due to human error, with self-driving cars the number of accidents is expected to decrease.

5. Fewer Age Restrictions For Drivers

Getting a license after learning to drive is a symbol of independence and responsibility for teenagers around the world. Driving skills are developed with practice and time. Many teenagers, unfortunately, make poor drivers. Teenagers are quite reckless and often cause some dangerous situations on the roads. With self-driving cars, the dangers of teenage driver would decrease. Driving license would be available to anyone who can simply switch on and off and the car and feed in the destination.

6. Greater Independence For Senior CitizensSelf Driving cars making life better - Senior Citizens driving

It can be a major hazard on the roadway as many senior citizens simply don’t have the reaction time and sharp senses like younger people. Self-driving cars will help seniors to keep the roads safer and maintain their independence without depending on others. It will also be a huge benefit to people having disabilities. People who are blind, quadriplegic or otherwise incapable of driving will be able to control their own car. This will happen for the first time in history

7. More Internet Commerce

On average, People spend a lot of their time driving to and from work. A lot of time is spent focusing on the road when other things could be done during that time. Economists believe that once driverless cars will be announced, a lot of passengers will spend their time on the Internet, which will drive a new consumer revolution

8. No More Drunk DrivingSelf Driving cars making life better - drink driving

Putting an end to ‘drink and drive’ has been a struggle since really long. Still there are many people who do it despite of knowing that it’s incredibly dangerous and a very illegal act. With self-driving cars, this problem can be eliminated.

9. More Environment Friendly

Since one self-driving car may be making more trips, but there would be fewer total cars on the roads effectively making traffic flow better. This will eventually help in finding a parking spot. Self-driving cars will simply drop off passengers. It doesn’t matter where it parks. It will just go to the next available spot and the owner can have it pick them up later. This will save a tremendous amount of time and fuel.

10. Fewer Police OfficersSelf Driving cars making life better - Police Officers

A major job of a police officer is to look for people committing infractions while driving, and responding to accidents involving vehicles. Autonomous cars will simply be programmed to obey the driving and road rules. There will be comparatively less accidents and a majority of cars will be safe. As a result, cities may need half the police officers they currently do. This would save an incredible amount of money.

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