10 Unreasonable Statements, We Often Hear Our Parents Say!

mother saying have you gone crazy


They have all the right to comment on anything and everything we do. If you watch T.V they would want you to study, if you are going for a movie, they will be asking about who will be with you till late evening and see what more they say.

1. You want to go for a night out? Have you gone crazy?

Mom is getting crazy

2. What do you keep checking in your phone every second? Don’t you get tired of holding it always!

Parents scolding children

3. Oh, I am sick of your T.V shows. It feels as if you are watching porn in front of us.

Daughter getting irritated by mom

4. Why can’t you hang out with good people? I hate that guy who’s with you most of the time. Don’t you get better people to be friends with?

Mom trying to stop child

5. You are going for a date?

Sorry, Not Sorry

6. Eat healthy food too. You will spoil your stomach with junk.

Whatever, I will still eat

7. When I was of your age, I was a responsible citizen too and you can’t even be a responsible child. It’s high time now!

i care too much thats the problem

8. You should wait for the guy to propose you, girl. You’re hasty actions will spoil everything.

Things have changed Moma, girls too propose nowadays.


9. What do you mean you want to try a relationship? You don’t try relationships!

this is too much

10. Why do you waste your entire pocket money in buying a bathroom slipper? So what if it’s Addidas? It’s just a bathroom slipper.

i dont want to answer this

11. You must visit your aunt and uncle during your holiday in Vegas. They would love to see you there.


 i dont care


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