10 Things You Would Want Your Fiance To Know Before You Get Married

Getting married in near future? It’s time then to open up with your fiance and let him know all that you are about. This will not only make life easier to manage but you will be able to develop a strong bonding with your fiance.

10. Your favorite food

Let him know on all the food that you like. After all, you would also want him to cook on some days and serve your choicest dishes to you.

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9. Your feelings about love

You can always get a bit romantic with your fiancé. Engage in open discussion on this matter with him. It will help you develop intimate bonding with him in the long run eventually.

8. Your passions and talents

Let him know about your passions and talents beforehand so that he never takes you for granted. This will create a positive impression about you in his mind and he will always admire you.

7. Your family plans

Let him know of your family plans from the initial phase only so that he is not under any ill conceived notion. After all, he will be the person responsible for ensuring a well raised family.

6. Your career goals

Keep him in the loop on your career goals. He will then perceive of the family life accordingly and will not bother you every now and then about his aspirations from you.

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5. Your interests

If he is already not aware about your interests, let him know before marriage only. It would not be right to find him amazed if he discovers about your interests from someone else.

4. Your special friends

It might happen that you would be having some special friends with whom you will be meeting often, post marriage also. Better make them friends of your fiance also. This family friendship will go a long way in having great bonding.

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3. Your financial status

Though your fiance will be responsible for your finances most of the time, if you do not work post marriage, it would be better to let him know of your financial status prior to the marriage.

2. Care of your parents

You might be the lone child of your parents. In such case, the responsibility of their care also falls on you. Better let it know clearly to your fiance that you expect him to care for them too.

1. Your visits to parents home

After all you would always be emotionally connected to your parent’s home. Make your feelings clear about your family to your fiance too. If he knows it amply clear, he will also respect you and your parents always.


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