10 Things You Never Knew Existed…!!!

The World is occupied with a full of strange situations and things. The things you should have known about which all your curiosity is brought up into thought. The intelligence of the creator is something that we don’t know. We just take a sip of the moment and enjoy life. So, Today We are going to tell you the 10 things you never knew existed.

10 things you never knew existed

Here are those things which you never knew existed.

1. Trees have a sap-like blood

Trees have a sap-like blood

You think it is like an animated or historical movie tree but it’s not. You just need to know it is found on the island of Socotra in Yemen.
The tree is very normal in appearance but if we look at it carefully, it’s red sap looks like blood.

2. Quokkas – smiling creature

 Quokkas - smiling creature

Cuteness is just overloaded with this animal. According to its look, it would have been the most popular creature in the world. Why cuteness? And how do you find it is cute. See the picture clearly. It always seems like smiling. These animals are found on the small islands of the coast of Western Australia.

3. Bubblegum Pink Lake

 Bubblegum Pink Lake

Do you like candy or bubblegum? It’s not the thing that you have seen in the picture. It’s water and it seems like pink bubblegum and it is because of its high percentage of salt content.

It is nothing but Australia’s Lake Hillier or Hutt lagoon. Both the lake and lagoon are just beautiful having a pink color.

4. An Alien Abduction Insurance Policy

 An Alien Abduction Insurance Policy

Hey! What do you say? Alien abduction insurance! It’s so weird to listen but it is true. You have already known about all insurances but this insurance needs to be authorized on-board alien’s signature for claiming your insurance.

Saint Lawrence Agency in Altamonte Springs, Florida has started this policy. They have sold more than 6000 policies at 19.95 dollars per policy. Funny! you know.

5. Spider Crabs With 13-Foot-Long Legs

 Spider Crabs With 13-Foot-Long Legs

The Japanese spider crab is the largest crab on the planet. This sea creature’s weight is around 40 pounds and has legs that are up to 13 feet. Their living period is up to 100 years. According to the 
Smithsonian Institute, This is the longest life span of any crab.

6. A Rainbow Mountain Range

 A Rainbow Mountain Range

Whenever you look at the mountain, it seems like one or two patterns. In northwest China,  There are rainbow mountains at Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park. From Long long years, stones are formulated with minerals and other sandstones that’s why the range of hills is just looking like that.

7. “Brick road” printing machine

"Brick road" printing machine

The brick road can be created by people in weeks. A machine that takes a few hours to construct the properly arranged and designed brick road. A machine arranges the bricks according to the desired pattern and lays them down on the floor. It seems like the printer rolls out the paper. It is a good technique to construct.

8. A Red Beach

A Red Beach

There is one beach in China which is red in color. It is not in actual but it is covered by red suede seaweed instead of sand. It is green throughout the summer. When autumn comes seaweed turns into a red shade of color.

9. A Vertical Forest

 A Vertical Forest

There are more than 11000 plants on the building construction. Can you imagine that? This environment-friendly construction is really a forest. 500 medium and large trees, around 300 small trees and 5000 shrubs are planted on one construction.

This green tower transforms approx. 44k pounds of carbon dioxide into oxygen per year. This forest tower named Bosco Verticale means vertical forest and it is located in Milan.

10. Fruit Shapers

Fruit Shapers

The fruit is just modified by different shapes. You can find this in Japan. There are molds that give the desired shape for premature fruit.
Cubes, hearts, star-shaped fruits always in demand. Pears, watermelons, apples and many more fruits have been given such shapes.

If you like this article then comment and tell us your 10 things which never existed.

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