10 Things That Show How Best Friends Help In Getting Over Your Break Up!

hugging your best friend works

Break ups are really tough and you face a hard time getting over them. You might have bad days at school, office or college and you are still able to handle them. Only break up is the phase which gets harder and harder at every level and you can’t get over that easily. Thanks to the best friends who are always there to support throughout the break up phase. They not just help in getting over break ups but they also try to fix you to another girl/guy right after you are out of the emotional trauma.

1. Beer can solve all problems and your best friend knows it very well.

Your best friend will be standing next to you with a beer to help you overcome that worst feeling. He’ll / she’ll drink with you and will make you drink so that you forget everything else. Most of your evenings will be spent together having beers all night long.

Beer solves all problems and your best friend knows this


2. They are always there for you and they will prove it through their subtle gestures.

They might be very busy in their personal lives but they will always be just a call away from you and they won’t let you feel that too. You will always find them by your side. You can call them any time and they make themselves available.



3. They make you stay distracted and busy

They will always find time to plan movies and short trips to help you stay distracted. Beer with parties will always be in their hit list planned for you to help you get over your break up.

Best friends keep you distracted during your break up phase


4. Next one will be ready with them

Right when you will be over from your break up and relationship phase they will be ready to fix you up with the next one.

Best friends will find a new date


5. You will be the target for their laughter and sarcasm.

Now, they will keep making fun of you with their sarcastic tone that you cannot break up at all. Of course that sarcasm never works.

Best friends make fun of you


6. Once you are drunk, they will handle you in your miserable state of mind.

Best friends see you in worst of your behavior and still they listen to you patiently without making any judgments.

Once you are drunk, they will handle you in your miserable state of mind


7. “You deserve better”, they will tell you every time you cry for your Ex.

You will always find your best friends explaining you that there is a better one waiting for you. So, you must stop crying about your past and be ready.

You deserve better


8. You will get the best break up advice.

No matter how much they make fun of your relationship and break up, they will still give you best advice on break up since they know you more than anyone else.

Listen to music, best advice for breakup


9. Harsh words work better.

You might get hurt with whatever they say but the fact is these harsh words work in the right way. They pinch your heart and that’s what’s needed. You might hate them in the first place but you will appreciate it in the longer run.

Hash words from best friend work best in breakup


10. Hug from a best friend, makes up for all.

hugging your best friend works

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