10 Things That Girls Do To Make Their Boyfriends Feel Jealous

You might be into a comfortable relationship with your girl but girls at times do certain acts that make boyfriends feel jealous. Read through to know if your girl has done any of these to you.

1. Flirting with other guys

Girls sometimes wish to make their men purposely jealous. They might then flirt with other men in occasions such as parties.

2. Laughing at other’s jokes

Women at times laugh at jokes other men crack. Their boyfriend might feel offended as if the joke was directed at them only. Do not be surprised if your boyfriend is offended on this.

Girls make guys jealous

3. Heading to bar for “Girls all”

While men might go to bars every other night they do not like their women to head to the bar for a girl’s night out. Be prepared to hear some tough words from your guy if you do so on a regular basis.

4. Calling other guys with their first name

Girls at time call out other guys with their first name. This could be unintentional and for making the boyfriend feel jealous too. While whatsoever might be the reason, chances are that your boyfriend might feel jealous, especially if the other guy is known to him.

5. Too much texting with other guys

Girls do text other guys even when they are with their boyfriends. While this might seem to be a non- significant thing for others, girls at time do this on purpose to make their boyfriends jealous.

6. A male as a best friend

Girls at times have other friends too and chances are that these could be male guys too. This can be a cause of jealously to your boyfriends, even if you are just on good friendly terms with the other guy.

7. Spending some time with Ex

It is a reality that any girl could have been involved with other guy prior to the time she was with you. At certain days they might cross each other’s paths and she might wish to spend some time with her ex boyfriend. This even if done by chance or on purpose can be a cause of jealously to your boyfriend and can make him act in a weird manner.

Woman Man Flirting

8. Going to a vacation trip with friends

Girls at time might go to vacation trips leaving their boyfriend behind. This might be to make him jealous so that he spends more quality time with the girl. If your girlfriend is away these days leaving you guessing behind, it is time that you start devoting time to the relation.

9. Staying at work until late

Have loads of work to complete? While you might decide to stay late to complete the same, chances are that your boyfriend might feel jealous that you are ignoring him. If you are doing that on purpose, it’s another story.

10. When you head to a party and post pictures on Social media

Girls sometimes head out to a party and then post tons of pictures on Facebook and Instagram. This could be on purpose to make the guy feel a bit jealous and needs to be taken lightly.


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