10 Strange Facts about Outer Space We Bet You Didn’t Know

Facts mentioned below would increase your urge to be in space, for sure. You might not be able to get there is the different story altogether. Let’s enjoy the moment at least by reading these exciting facts about outer space.

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1. 16 sunrises take place on same day

In low earth orbit, sun rises and sets every 90 minutes. This makes it difficult for astronauts to deal with these changes and they take time to deal with this changing scenario.

2. You will grow taller in Outer Space

As the compressive force of gravity is not in place in outer space, the spinal column grows taller by 5 to 8 cm. This increase in height can result in backache and nerve related problems.

3. You might stop snoring

Those who snored on Earth snoozed in silence in space. This is due to the reason that gravity has a predominant role to play in hypopneas, apneas and also in snoring. The snoring reduces in outer space as effect of zero gravity takes effect.

4. Some food need addition of water

Salt and pepper are only available in liquid form in outer space for the astronauts. This cannot be used in solid form as it might float away causing problem to those around.

5. The longest period ever in outer space was 438 days

The longest a man stayed back in outer space was Russian cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov. He completed a 14 month tour on the Mir space station in 1995.

6. Only 3 people have ever died in Space

Though many astronauts have died in space related accidents, only 3 people have died in Outer Space ever. This was the crew of Soyuz 11 which included Georgi Dobrovolski, Viktor Patsayev and Vladislav Volkov. They died after undocking from Salyut 1 during their three week stay.

7. Space sickness is common occurrence

Space sickness is a common occurrence and astronauts usually suffer from complications in vestibulary system. Headache and poor concentration too occurs during the outer space sojourn.

8. Astronauts take time to adapt when back

Astronauts take time to adapt to normal life when they get back to Earth. Many astronauts have confirmed that they have broken several cups when back on Earth as they let go of the same thinking that it might float through.

9. Blinding flashes are seen as a result of cosmic radiations

Astronauts have seen breathtaking view of Earth’s blue disc which appears much lively against black sight of space. The blinding flashes that astronauts have seen during their visits to outer space have resulted in cataract to many of them.

10. Pluto is smaller than USA

Pluto is 1,400 miles across in length. This is less than the stretch of USA which is 2,900 miles across from California to Maine.


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