10 Statements You Should Never Say During Your First Date

While you plan your date first time, you must be careful about whatever you will be saying. There are things that should be kept secret on your initial meeting. It is totally alright to reveal them later. Here are few such statements you must avoid to mention during your first date:

1. Are you fond of kids?

Your partner might not be prepared to be asked such things. Kids are not on everyone’s hit list after all. Still if you would like to know if they want or not, hold this question for later.

Weird reaction

2. My friends from college used to say you are gay. Are you?

Never let your partner know if your friends used to make fun of him during your college days. They would hate to know this on their first date.

3. People say I have that celebrity thing in me. Do you also think so?

Oh please, do not brag in your first date.

Stop bragging

4. My childhood was really emotional. I have a very sad story.

Please! Keep it to yourself dude, no one’s interested in know that.

5. I have dated many people before. You are not the first one.

He or should would not be happy to know that they are not your first choice.

6. What about long term commitment, are you ready for? I am not!

It is totally fine for denying commitments but you must never mention this in your first date. In case you do so, there might not be a room for second one.

commitment issues

7. Are you in touch with your ex?

Why the hell you would want to know than.. Common!

8. I hate Batman.

How dare you. God will never forgive you for this sin!

how dare you?

9. I love to have water balloon fight with my friends.

Why on earth anyone would love that? Water balloons are kid’s choice. You won’t stand a chance for another date after this, trust me!

10. Let’s watch a movie tonight and go to my place after.

Don’t be so inviting on the first day itself. Leave it on them.

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