10 Solutions That Will Help You Resolve Conflicts With Your Loved Ones

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resolving conflicts, rules to follow, solutions to resolving fights, happy relation, no fighting Avoiding conflicts in relationship is not a good sign. Good sign is to have conflicts but resolve them in the right manner. If you love someone you will fight and if you fight then you must know solutions to know that will help you resolve your conflict this time. Take a look:

1. Do not shout.

While your partner is angry and might be shouting on top of their voice, its better you keep yourself calm. Never argue and give them time to relax.

2. Don’t forget to mention how much you care.

Never ever try to show your disagreement to anything. Rather mention how much you care about your loved one, if you wish to resolve the matter at the earliest. Else, be ready to take to being dragged to another level for hours.

3. Accept your mistake even if you’re sure it’s not.

Denying can make things worse. You need to handle the situation quickly. Right when you get a chance, take the blame whether it’s your or their mistake.

4. No general examples please! Be specific when you give examples about their behaviors.

If you point it on to their behavior in a general way chances are high that they might go in their defensive mode worsening the situation even more. Things might go out of control if this happens. Avoid any such situations where you point out on their behavior generally.

5. Apologize First!

Be the first one to apologize. It clearly shows how much you care and you won’t have to do much to resolve the matter if you quickly do this.

6. Find out what’s going wrong, not who’s going wrong.

Rather than “Who did what” think “what went wrong” and how you can resolve it. Maximum people enter into the blame game leaving aside the real issues. Think about the situation from other one’s perspective. Things will change a lot.

7. No more exaggerations

Not leaving the topic is highly irritating. You need to stop somewhere. If you will continue exaggerating the matter the other person will stop listening

8. No verbal abuse at all.

Whatever it is, verbal abuse is just not acceptable. In case you mistakenly do that, the entire resolving conversation will shift the attention to your abusing leading nowhere but more and more fight. Avoid it completely.

9. Don’t forget even the other person cares.

You need to remind yourself that even your love one wishes to resolve the matter as they also care about you. Their resolution attempt might not be clearly visible but they do.

10. Stop expecting and check yourself.

If something is not working for you, it could be because of you only. You can’t expect the other person to do everything, every time. Check yourself and see where you are wrong before blaming them. Follow these above 10 rules to resolve fighting issues with your loved ones. Trust, you would be able to relate to them once you actually feel like resolving the matter.

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