10 Smart Financial Decisions That You Should Take Before 30’s

In today’s challenging times, it is better if you make smart investment decisions when young. In this write up are covered 10 smart financial decisions that you should be taking by the time you are 30.

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1. Understand about Compounding

Develop an understanding about compounding. The earlier you start investing better are the chances of your saving a substantial amount by the time you retire. The interest will grow with time and you will be financially in a better position.

2. Buy a Home in Time

If you are working away from your home city and have rented a home, it would make for a smart decision if you invest in buying a home. The amount of money you pay as a rent goes waste only. In case, you are able to buy your home, the EMI will only lessen your financial burden and you will own the home.

3. Have Insurance

You should have insurance policies in place. In case some unfortunate happening occurs, your family will be safely placed and can depend upon your insurance claims.

4. Have an Emergency Fund in Place

You should encourage savings and have an emergency fund in place. In case of any accident in the family, this emergency fund will help you tide over the eventuality.

5. Pick the Correct Career Option

The choice of career does matter and you should always follow your passion when choosing your career. If you have the right job in place, you will do well in life and will rise financially too.

6. Increase your Skill Set

Take some time to better off your skills too. If you are able to enhance your skills, you will be better placed as promotions will happen soon. This will most likely make your secure financially too and you will be in a better position to take care of your immediate family.

7. Have Plan for Retirement

Plan for your retirement, even when you are in early stage of your career. Invest in some retirement fund as this will ensure that by the time, you retire, you are placed financially better off.

8. Be Debt Free

The intent should always be to remain debt free. If you are in any kind of debt, you are likely to remain in tension and will not be able to concentrate on work. Be debt free and you will be able to lead a healthy life.

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9. Invest in Mutual Funds

Investing in mutual funds is a better move. They are linked with market and your money grows at a faster pace rather than in any fixed deposit scheme. The only thing is that you should take ample care while choosing the investment company.

10. Invest in Child Policy

Invest in a children policy as soon as your child is born. By the time, the child reaches his or her teen age, you will have ample money at hand for their higher education.


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