10 Reasons That Show Drinking Beer Is Totally Cool!

Drinking beer with friends is the coolest thing that can happen to anyone but you would know this only if you are surrounded by a bunch of fun loving friends who would love to enjoy each others company because drinking beer is not about getting high but it’s all about having fun with friends

1. We are cool. We are awesome. You can’t beat us in being lively!

Our party lasts till the last bottle of beer. You are free to join us any time and ENJOY.

You can't stop us from being lively

2. We are brothers for life.

We are friends to all beer drinkers because they understand and value the awesomeness of beer.

Brothers for life, How I met your mother

3. You can’t judge us.

We don’t drink day and night and be totally out of control. Nor we drink a pint and are happy high. We are somewhere in the middle of it. You can’t judge us at all.

You can't judge us

4. Beer increases the awesomeness of Football

With all the bottles and cans of beer around, it’s fun to watch football with friends.

Watching football with beer

5. Craziness is a routine thing.

We are engaged in lot of activities along with our beer glasses. We have fun and keep having it all night long.

Having fun

6. Buying beer for friends is a usual affair for all beer drinkers

It’s almost like a social gesture to buy beer for friends. All beer drinkers are in the habit of doing so. They do this almost regularly.


7. Stupidity and beer go a long way.

Some sense of humour and beer keeps you fit and happy for a longer time.


8. We are equals with beer. No rank or age matters when it comes to beer.

You often forget about the age and rank barriers while drinking beer. Over the beer table, everyone’s equal.

All equals drink beer

9. Beer is quite healthy.

Your kidney loves beer. Beer helps in removing kidney stone.

Beer is good for health. Beer helps in removing kidney stone

10. You know GREAT TIMES ARE always AROUND with beer.

It’s fun to chill out with beer and you know every minute will be happening while you are it. Love, excitement and fun everything increases with each glass of beer you have.

Buying Beer for friends is cool

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