10 Reasons Behind Your Regular Fights With Your Loved Ones

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One thing that’s most common among all relationships is the regular fights. It could on the stupidest reason or a big one but they will happen. Try harder, but you cannot avoid them. At times they are fun too. While you enjoy or hate you fights, find a few reasons behind them here. May be you care relate with them and avoid a few, if needed.

1. To get pampered


2. Tiny issues can also become huge when you live together.

fighting on small issues, Fighting on tiny issues, fight happens when you live together, young couple fight

How can you leave your ?

3. At few situations, being extra emotional only works

being extra emotional works, being emotional

4. Ignoring issues might be dangerous

ignoring can make you go in loss

5. Only because you want them to make you feel happy 

make her happy, happy girl, smiling girl, smiling Hanna Montana

6. Because they don’t judge you on your stupid acts too

your loved ones don't judge you, funny, do whatever you want to do

7. You want to see that tensed reaction on their face

to see that reaction on his face, sad guy, awwwww

8. You just had a bad day for no reason but only ones who understand you, can make you feel better.

Hugging, boy hugging girl, guy comforting a girl, making her feel comfortable

9. It’s good to have some extra attention from your loved ones

Girls love extra attention, fighting for extra attention, dad daughter

10. Little bit of teasing leads to happy fights sometimes.

teasing. happy fights, cute fights, cute fighting, happy fighting

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