10 Real Life Miracles These People Actually Experienced

Miracles do happen and numerous such instances across the globe have proved that things do happen for a positive change. Below we list a complication of some of such events which prove beyond doubt that miracles are as real as is the human life.

10. Wedding ring deflected bullet

It might seem a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie but this happened with Donie Register. He was fired over by thieves and he raised his left hand to protect himself. The bullet hit the wedding ring and somehow deflected in another direction. The thieves ran away due to the commotion and Donie’s life was saved.

Donie Register

9. Lord Ganesha drinking milk

This incident happened in India in late 1990’s when the idol of Lord Ganesha, a religious God for the Hindus reportedly started taking milk as an offering from the devotees. The event was widely captured on news and the phenomena besides this event could not be explained.

Lord Ganesha drinking milk

8. Appearance of Mary on a Florida building

This incident happened in 1996 when the image of Mother Mary appeared on an office building in Clearwater, Florida. The image remained for few months and the building was eventually purchased by Shepherds of Christ Ministries.

Appearance of Mary on a Florida building

7. Boy comes alive

A boy pronounced dead by a Brazil hospital suddenly came back to life and asked his father for water before finally lying back dead again. This astonishing incident happened with family of Kelvin Santos in Brazil in 2012.

Boy comes alive

6. Moving corpses: Rita of Cascia

Some corpses are preserved for being special. One such corpse is of Rita of Cascia which has unusual habit of moving around. Sometimes the eyes also open too. Scary but true indeed.

 Rita of Cascia

5. Self healing wounds

St. Francis of Assisi has numerous wounds in middle of his hand. These wounds heal by themselves and medical practitioners have not found any cure for these wounds.


4. Healing that has not been explained

Therese Neumann was declared blind in the year 1919. She was also partially paralyzed and had bedsores. Strangely her eyesight and paralysis was cured after some time. She claimed that Saint Therese of Lisieux visited and blessed her.

Therese Neumann

3. Lady of Akita

This miracle happened near Akita and has been related to Mother Mary. The statue has been filmed weeping and after conducting all kinds of tests on the same, the mystery still remains unanswered.


2. Miracle of the Sun

This event happened in Portugal in 1917 and was witnessed by a lot of people. The sun moved towards the earth and inverted into a spinning disk and shed a range of different colors. The event is still unexplained.

Miracle of the Sun

1. Fell from the sky and lived

A 22 year old flight steward fell from 33,000 feet when a bomb exploded on the plane. 27 of the 28 people died and Vesna Vulovic survived the fall and woke from coma after 27 days.

Vesna Vulovic

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