10 Real-Life Inspirations For Famous Animated Characters!

Animated characters have also inspired real life inspirations on big and small screen. Many of these have attracted much fan following and have been popular ever since the idea was thought about.

10. Arleen Shorkin (Harley Quinn)Inspirations for Animated Characters - Arleen Shorkin (Harley Quinn)

Arleen was an actress who featured in Days of Our Life, a popular soap opera. She was friends with Paul Dini who had written several series for DC Comics. Paul came up with the idea that Arleen should feature as anti-heroine Harley Quinn which gave her much popularity.

9. Marge Belcher Champion (Snow White)Inspirations for Animated Characters - Marge Belcher Champion (Snow White)

The iconic figure of Snow White was much promoted by Merge Belcher who featured in this image. She became so popular that the animators cast her as The Blue Fairy in Pinocchio.

8. Conrad Veidt (The Joker)Inspirations for Animated Characters - Conrad Veidt (The Joker)

One of the iconic figures in movies and comics is the Joker but did you ever think on from where he came. This iconic character was first promoted by Gwynplaine, a movie character from 1920’s. A surgical disfigurement gave the iconic joker his much popular smile and he has been the same thereafter.

7. Archie Bunker (Eric Cartman)Inspirations for Animated Characters - Archie Bunker (Eric Cartman)

The most politically incorrect series in animated history was influenced by relation that Michael Stivic and Archie Bunker shared. Infact, Archie Bunker was the inspiration behind the Eric Cartman.

6. Frank “Rocky” Fiegel- (Popeye The Sailor)Inspirations for Animated Characters - Frank “Rocky” Fiegel- (Popeye The Sailor)

The inspiration for the character of Popeye came from a pipe smoking sailor Frank Fiegel. He first featured in the animated series in a comic strip “Thimble Theatre” on January 17, 1929. The comic character also featured in a movie that had the legendary Robin Williams.

5. Palle Huld (Tintin)Inspirations for Animated Characters - Palle Huld (Tintin)

Tintin and his white dog, Snowy had been in public preview since 1929. The creator of Tintin, Georges Remi, a Belgian artist got the inspiration to create Tintin from Palle Huld, a boy of 15 years. Tintin also featured in a 3D movie in 2011 which was directed by Steven Spielberg.

4. Alyssa Milano (The Little Mermaid)Inspirations for Animated Characters - Alyssa Milano (The Little Mermaid)

Alyssa Milano was popular as little Samantha on who’s the Boss. She was also the inspiration for Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Her beautiful eyes and lively nature inspired the advertisement campaign and it became immensely popular.

3. Helen Kane (Betty Boop)Inspirations for Animated Characters - Helen Kane (Betty Boop)

It is rumored that Helen Kane’s look and voice were stolen for a sex-kitten in the 1930’s. Kane sued the paramount Pictures for $250,000 but it is true that she did get much appreciation and was noticed the world over.

2. Vikki Dougan (Jessica Rabbit)Inspirations for Animated Characters - Vikki Dougan (Jessica Rabbit)

The girlfriend of Frank Sinatra, Vikki Dougan got much popular in 1957. In 1988 also the character of Jessica Rabbit was created and the inspiration behind the same was Vikki Dougan.

1. Robert Ripley (Elmer Fudd)Inspirations for Animated Characters - Robert Ripley (Elmer Fudd)

The character of Elmer Fudd was inspired by Robert Ripley. Ripley was also the inspiration behind the character of Bugs Bunny in 1930’s. Though decades have passed, Elmer Fudd is much popular on Boomerang, even today.

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