10 Off Beat Locations For Travel Pictures

As a traveler you must be visiting numerous places. While some are usual ones which offer you a great clicking option, others can be considered to be truly among weird places for clicking travel pictures. Below are listed some of the most off beat places for an avid traveler.

10. Steepest Street in New ZealandOff beat places for Travel Photography - Steepest Street in New Zealand

Located at Baldwin Street in Dunedin in New Zealand, the place is an unusual place for clicking travel pictures. When photos are clicked at a specific angle, it gives the impression as if the street is sinking. This is due to it being on a 19 degree slope.

9. Life Size DinosaursOff beat places for Travel Photography - Life Size Dinosaurs

150 foot long and 150 ton model of Apatosaurus in California is another of worth visiting location for clicking travel pictures which will interest you.

8. Gnome ReserveOff beat places for Travel Photography - Gnome Reserve

Gnome Reserve in England is another among off beat places for clicking travel photos. You can see over 1000 gnomes and pixies in their natural environment here.

7. Nebraska’s CarhengeOff beat places for Travel Photography - Nebraska’s Carhenge

The place has replicas of 38 cars, all painted in grey and arranged in proportion as was in original Carhenge which was built by Jim Reinders. This is certainly an Off beat place for clicking travel photos.

6. Upside Down House, ChinaOff beat places for Travel Photography - Upside Down House, China

The Folk painting village in Feigning Ancient Town is another one on the list. Everything here has been arranged in a manner, so as to defy the laws of gravity.

5. Ramen MuseumOff beat places for Travel Photography - Ramen Museum

This museum is a tribute to Cup Noodle founder and his creations. The museum displays shack where first ever chicken ramen was invented.

4. Big LobsterOff beat places for Travel Photography - Big Lobster

The Big Lobster museum in Australia is a depiction of oversized park which offers a perfect option for clicking weird places. The big lobster here is 56 feet and a picture here creates an impression as if you are in the jaws of a giant killer.

3. Phallus MuseumOff beat places for Travel Photography - Phallus Museum

The Phallus museum in Iceland has a collection of 200 phallic specimens which represent almost all mammals in that country. An incredible place for a unusual photo session!

2. Big PineappleOff beat places for Travel Photography - Big Pineapple

The top floor observation deck of 55 foot high fiberglass pineapple is a great place for clicking some unusual travel pictures, if you happen to be in South Africa.

1. Petrifying WellOff beat places for Travel Photography - Petrifying Well

The petrifying well in England which is said to have magical properties is among the best off beat places any inquisitive traveler would want to be in. The place has mythological stories associated with it and is worth visiting.

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