10 Of The Most Intense Method Actors!

Most intense method actors - heath ledger the dark knight joker

Some actors take their job very seriously. Here is a list of 10 of the most intense method actors.

1. Robert De Niro
Most intense method actors - Robert De Niro raging bull

Robert De Niro’s legendary commitment to his work has earned him Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor (The Godfather Part II) and Best Actor (Raging Bull), along with seven Oscar nominations overall. In the film Raging Bull, he has played a professional boxer Jake LaMotta. He trained almost every day with none other than LaMotta himself. He is probably best known for his physical transformation in this film.

2. Heath LedgerMost intense method actors - heath ledger the dark knight joker

Heath Ledger, an actor in Batman franchise, took his role quiet seriously. For the role The Joker, he locked himself in a hotel room, isolating himself from everyone, and took prescription drugs in order to get into a Joker-like state of mind. He slept an average of two hours a night. Sadly, Prescription drug is exactly what took his life away.

3. Dustin HoffmanMost intense method actors - Dustin Hoffman marathon man

Dustin Hoffman has won two Academy Awards for Best Actor in the movies ‘Kramer vs. Kramer, Rain Man’ and has been nominated for Best Actor seven times in his career. His intense preparation for his role in Marathon Man, he refused to sleep for days at a time to better portray his character’s deteriorating physical and psychological frame of mind.

4. Tom CruiseMost intense method actors - tom cruise collateral

Cruise decided to go all out prepping for his role as an assassin in order to prepare for Collateral. To figure out how to become unnoticeable, he dressed up like a FedEx worker and delivered packages inconspicuously.

5. Hillary SwankMost intense method actors - hilary swank boys don't cry

Hillary Swank won a Best Actress Oscar in 2000 for her role in ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. She lived as a man for a month, cut her hair short, bound her breasts and even stuffed a sock in her underwear to disguise her femininity as best as she could.

6. Rooney MaraMost intense method actors - rooney mara the girl with the dragon tattoo

Mara had her lip, brow, nose, nipples and ears pierced for her role in the movie ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ (2005). She felt that to truly get into the character, multiple piercings all over her body were necessary.

7. Jim CarreyMost intense method actors - Jim Carrey man On The Moon

In the movie ‘Man On The Moon’, which details the life and death of comedian Andy Kaufman, actor Jim Carrey refused to come out of his character. He wouldn’t respond to anyone on set unless they referred to him as Andy or Tony (Tony Clifton, Kaufman’s alter ego).

8. Daniel Day-LewisMost intense method actors - daniel day-lewis my left foot

Daniel Day-Lewis pushes the boundaries for every role he undertakes. For his role in 1989 movie ‘My Left Foot’ as a paralyzed poet Christy Brown refused to move from his wheelchair. The crew had to lift him over obstacles. He even insisted to be spoon-fed his meals. Several weeks of slouching in the wheelchair definitely got him Best Actor Oscar but also resulted in two broken ribs.

9. Christian BaleMost intense method actors - Christian Bale

For his role in the movie ‘The Machinist’, a movie about an industrial worker, Trevor Reznik, who suffers from severe insomnia and begins to question his own sanity, Christian Bale had to lose more than 60 pounds. As The Machinist wrapped up the next role Bale got was something he could not refuse, the lead role in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman Begins’, for this role he had to gain back a good amount of weight and muscle more than that he had earlier in just 6 months.

10. Adrien BrodyMost intense method actors - Adrien Brody The Pianist

In order to accurately play the role of Władysław Szpilman, Brody literally gave up his apartment, sold his car, disconnected his phones and moved to Europe to really feel what it was like to lose everything. There’s no denying that Brody deserved an Oscar for best actor in ‘The Pianist’.

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