10 Of The Banned Baby Names!

banned baby names

Having a baby is a miracle in itself. This can happen only by the grace of God, but for parents another big question is what should be the name of their newborn. What they think is the name should be adorable enough, but should also have a quality name. But you know in some countries government needs to put a ban on the baby name too. Let’s check out what those names are:

banned baby names1. Violet: – In Malaysia, people can’t use any nature’s word as their child’s name. They don’t use fruits, vegetables, animals, insects or colours as a name. And Violet is one of them. If actress Jennifer Garner gives birth to her first daughter in Malaysia, then she needs to think twice about this name.

2. Tom: – In Portugal, nicknames are fully banned on birth certificates. It is also described in the law, that toddler’s name must be a conventional Portuguese name, no nicknames and even you can’t use unisex name. This law is very rigid. If Tom Cruise is born in Portugal then it definitely becomes Tomas Cruise.

3. Sarah: – In Morocco, it’s a big no for a Hebrew version of any name but you can use an Arabic version. In a large part you can use an Arabic name but if you have an off-list name, then definitely you need to pay fees for that. You can use “Sara” as it is an Arabic version, but can’t use “Sarah” as it is a Hebrew version.

4. Monalisa: – In Portugal, this name is also incorporated in forty one page banned names list. May be the reason is the famous painting “Mona Lisa”.

5. Maya: – In Saudi Arabia, this name is facing a boycott among other names. In the US, you will easily find thousands of “Maya”. But in Arab you don’t have a single one.

6. Kennedy: – Some people love to name their children on the novelist, or on their ideals, or maybe on famous personalities but in Berlin you can’t do this. You name your child on their names, but you can’t use the surname of remarkable personalities.

7. Hermoine: – In the Mexican state of Sonora, you can’t use these kind of names. This is to prevent possible bullying about the name. Harry Potter, James Bond and Lady Di are also present on this list.

8. Elaine: – In Saudi Arabia, names which are qualified for “offend perceived religious sensibilities, are affiliated with royalty or are of non-Arabic or non-Islamic origin” are fully banned and this name is one of them. This list also includes Alice, Sandy, Laura and Linda.

9. Duke: – In New Zealand, those names which are able to became the reason of offense to a known person are banned. This list also incorporates, king, queen, major, prince, and princess.

10. Anderson: – In Germany, no surnames, no objects, and no product name are allowed as a toddler’s name. Like Taylors, Tobys, Rileys and Quinns are out of question in Germany.

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