10 Must Read Books From 2014!

Best Books of 2014 - flash-boys

Reading is a great habit. All those who are into reading can cherish the fact that like many past years, 2014 too was a great year for them. A range of good books from fiction to biographies were released in this year.

Below are listed top 10 books launched in 2014 that made it to the shelves and were well received too.

1.) Flash BoysBest Books of 2014 - flash-boys

A true story that Michael Lewis has told in an interesting manner, Flash Boys is based on small gang of oddball traders who worked hard to reform the wrongdoings in Wall Street and succeeded in the same too.

2.) We Were LiarsBest Books of 2014 - We Were Liars

A summer spent on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts in which four fast friends decided to party together goes wrong when an accident changes everything. E. Lockhart describes the events in a very interesting manner.

3.) The Good SpyBest Books of 2014 - The Good Spy

Kai Bird describes the life and times of Robert Ames, a CIA operative who dies in the Beirut embassy bombings. Kai is a Pulitzer winning historian and gives an interesting account of the events that unfold.

4.) RedeploymentBest Books of 2014 - Redeployment

Phil Klay has described lives of Marines in Iraq and the unfortunate turn of events in which they are caught in Redeployment in an interesting manner. The experiences of Klay are very near to truth as he himself spent a year with Marines in Iraq.

5.) BirdmenBest Books of 2014 - BirdMen Lawrence Goldstone

Birdman by Lawrence Goldstone describes the turn of events during the early days of human flight when Wright brothers and Glenn were in a dispute over the aviation experiments that both were carrying out.

6.) Sous ChefBest Books of 2014 - sous chef - Michael Gibney

An intense novel about the professional rivalry in the culinary sector, Sous Chef by Michael Gibney is about and stress and joy that happens in any professional kitchen.

7.) Stress TestBest Books of 2014 - Stress Test Timothy Geithner cover

Those who have experienced economic recession first hand will find this book by Timothy Geithner a worthy read. This is a book about financial crisis that engulfed the world in 2008 and the challenges that came along with it.

8.) Little FailureBest Books of 2014 - Little Failure Gary Stheyngart

Little Failure by Gary Stheyngart is about his own life but in a comical manner. Gary grew up in America and the book is about challenges and good things that came across him in his growing years.

9.) Half BadBest Books of 2014 - Sally Green - Half Bad

The narrative voice of Nathan adds much worth to this book which resembles a traditional Harry Potter series to the core. Sally Green has used innovation to describe events and has worked well.

10.) Can’t We Talk About Something More PleasantBest Books of 2014 - Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant

This memoir by Roz Chast details the loving relationship that author shares with her parents. The relation is filled with unique turn of events and is worth a read.

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