10 Most Dangerous Sports In The World!

Most Dangerous Sports - Cheese Rolling

Sports can both be a passion and profession. While the mainstream sporting events seem to attract many, offbeat sports events also create much buzz. Below we list some of these challenging sporting events that have attracted the best of athletes and players.

1. Bull RunningMost Dangerous Sports - Bull Running

Insane as this might sound, bull running is popular throughout cities and villages of Spain. The most popular of such events is held in Pamplona in North Spain. People run in front of charged bulls and the trick is to avoid being hit by these bulls until the culmination of the race.

2. Street LugeMost Dangerous Sports - Street Luge

This sport is similar to skateboarding except for the fact that the riders lie down in face up position. They skate down steep hill roads with feet being used as a brake. Considering the fact that riders gain a speed of over 97 mph, the sport is indeed dangerous.

3. Hoi PhetMost Dangerous Sports - Hoi Phet

The fight over painted red ball in remote village of Hien Quan in Vietnam in extremely dangerous. The participants are allowed to swing their sticks in a violent manner towards anyone who comes in their way during the match. The players though take it in the spirit of the game and do not mind being hit.

4. Hurling and LacrosseMost Dangerous Sports - Hurling and Lacrosse

This sport is much similar to football but the stick with which it is played has nets on its end. It is a competitive sport and players are allowed to hit their opponents with considerable force. This kind of behavior is not allowed in any other common sport.

5. Cheese RollingMost Dangerous Sports - Cheese Rolling

Cheese rolling is held every year in Gloucester, England and the players virtually run after wheel of cheese in this game. Broken arms and legs are a common happening in this sport and it is much loved and adored commonly.

6. Base JumpingMost Dangerous Sports - Base Jumping

Base Jumping was started by Carl Boenish in which the player is required to have only a track suit and a small parachute on the back. Though the sport has seen over 250 deaths till date, yet the sporting event continues unabated.

7. BuzhaskiMost-Dangerous-Sports-Buzhaski

The literal meaning of Buzhaski is goat grabbing and is played in Afghanistan. A pony along with dead goat and some fearless people are required for this game. The game is over a carcass of goat and can extend over several days.

8. American Football and RugbyMost Dangerous Sports - American Football and Rugby

This sport has been played since ages and has seen over 1,027 deaths until date. Most common cause of death in this case is injury from helmet as players collide with each other.

9. BoxingMost Dangerous Sports - Boxing

Boxing is another deadly sport and has taken countless lives over the years. A professional boxer can punch up to 1,400 pounds per square inch of pressure from his punch and this can result in brain hemorrhage to fractured skulls.

10. Horseback RidingMost-Dangerous-Sports-Horseback-Riding

Horseback riding can be considered a fatal sport for the fact that the rider needs to control a horse having 550 kg of weight and travelling at a speed of over 70 km/h.

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