10 Most Common Questions About Female Solo Travelers

solo traveler, female traveler, solo female traveler

As a solo female traveler you might have explored the world or might be thinking on going on your first solo travel experience. In both the cases, these are some of the common questions that will come to your mind and you will be seeking answers to the same.

solo traveler, female traveler, solo female traveler

10. Thing which you know now and not earlier

There are many things which you might know about only when you travel. These might range from location and experience at hotels to your knowledgeable talks with your fellow travelers. The shyness in you, if any will also be gone forever when you travel solo.

9. Did you cancel your trip ever?

Many unforeseen events force people to cancel their trips at last hour or even in between the trip. This is something a solo traveler will understand only when they travel and explore.

8. Strategies for deflecting unwanted attention

A solo female traveler will only be able to deflect unwanted attention only when they travel. In countries as Nepal and Malaysia women travelers need to cover knees and shoulders while traveling. You should know these rules so as to deflect unwanted attention of people.

7. Be in knowhow of all worthy advice

As a female solo traveler you should know of certain things and plan them accordingly so as to avoid problems at a later stage. Keep you visas, healthcare kit and other essentials in a safe location. Never trust people if you get an instinct that they might turn out to be wrongdoers.

solo traveler, female traveler, solo female traveler

6. Look for female traveler buddy network

Numerous buddy networks exist and you can know about the same by being active in your friend circle. Even otherwise, you can try checking Facebook networks as Chiang Mai digital nomads and Bagpacking Africa among others.
Forums like Nomadic Matt’s Forum and Thorn Tree Forum can also be of much help for a solo female traveler.

5. Learn to deal with loneliness

Loneliness can strike you even at a short notice. As a solo female traveler, you should learn to deal with this problem. Chances of your suffering from bouts of loneliness are great during a long haul and if you do not learn to overcome the same, the trip could end in a tizzy.

4. Finding it difficult to talk to locals

In some cases you might find it difficult to talk to locals. Breaking this inhibition as a solo female traveler is important as otherwise you will not be able to enjoy your trip. Prefer staying at Home Stay facility and guide other female solo travelers accordingly so that they too benefit from your worthy advice.

3. Dealing with female inequality

As a solo female traveler, you might be facing the issue of female inequality and dealing with this problem can turn into a cumbersome affair. Learn to adjust to the scenario and look for solutions whenever and wherever possible. Your experience in dealing with this issue will surely help other solo female travelers a lot.

solo traveler, female traveler, solo female traveler

2. Is there any specific age for solo traveling

None as such and as a solo female traveler you should not guide others on any specific age for traveling solo. It is only the will to explore the world and know more that you should have to explore new vistas.

1. I would have been better back home

At times a question that strikes you is that life would have been better back home. However, as a solo female traveler you should enjoy your journey to the maximum and motivate other travelers to follow suit.

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