10 Interesting Sleep Facts Surely You Didn’t Know

A better part of the day is spent sleeping, yet people do not attach much importance to sleeping. You might be unaware but some interesting facts are associated with your sleep. Below we list some of these facts that make your sleep indeed a memorable occasion.

sleeping, facts about sleeping10. 12 percent people dream in black and white

It is interesting enough to mention that around 12 percent people dream in black and white. Interestingly, before the invention of colour televisions only 15 percent of the people dreamt in color.

9. Cats sleep for most of their life

Of all the domesticated animals, cat is the one which spends most of its life sleeping. 2/3rd of cat’s life is spent sleeping.

8. Longest record for not sleeping is for 11 days

The longest record for not sleeping was set by a California based student, Randy Gardner in 1964. He was the only one to experience sleep deprivation for so long as many others who tried remaining awake for so long have died.

7. Deaf people use sign language while sleeping

It is not uncommon for deaf people to use sign language while sleeping. Since they use it on a regular basis too, it is not uncommon to see them following this pattern while in sleep.

6. Many people suffer from parasomnia

Many people suffer from the habit of parasomnia. Many people across the world have also done sleep driving and have gone to the extent of committing murders during sleep. This habit is known as parasomnia.

5. People born blind experience emotions and smell in their dreams

People who are born blind do not have dreams visualizing things or activities. Instead, their dreams are more based upon emotions and smell rather than being sight based.

4. You forget 50 percent dreams within 5 minutes of waking up

After a person wakes up, they forget 50 percent of their dreams. In other 5 minutes, they forget up to 90 percent of the dreams. Brain does not wish to remember repressed thoughts so the dreams are forgotten quickly.

3. Your sleeping position is related to your personality

Your sleeping position says a lot about your personality. Those who sleep in foetal position seem to be tough but are sensitive indeed.

2. It takes 10-15 minutes to sleep

If you sleep in less than 5 minutes, it does mean that you are sleep deprived.

1. Fear is not the major emotion

Researchers believe that feeling of confusion and sadness form a major composition of our dreams rather than fear.

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