10 Highly Creative Sink Designs That You Must See

Eaux Eaux by Joel Roberts

No matter how much you decorate your home, you get judged most by the appearance of your bathroom. One of the most important things in every bathroom is the sink. Check out these amazing sink designs developed by creative designers.

1. Depth Basin presented by Daniele Lago

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2. Joel Roberts presents Eaux Eaux

Eaux Eaux by Joel Roberts

3. Falling Water, luxurious concept by Chin Chia Lim

Falling Water by Chin Chia Lim

4. Kub, concept by Victor Vasilev

Kub by Victor Vasilev, Kub

5. Motif Basin presented by OMVIVO

Motif Basin

6. Domenico De Palo gets you Silenzio

Silenzio by Domenico De Palo

7. Water Map presented by Julia Kononenko


8. Omer Sagiv presents Water Stone Faucet


9. LDVC’s Wink 

Wink by LDVC

10. W+W presented by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti

W+W by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti

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