10 Famous Sports People Who Got Arrested

Sports are considered to be a great career and the sportsmen to be true professionals but sports arrests are something that can spoil the entire career of a sportsman. Yet many sports professionals end up indulging in wrong doings which bring not only bad name to them but also land up them behind bars.

Below are listed some of the famous sports people who were arrested during the recent past.

10. Ed Belfour (Hockey)

Ed Belfour (Hockey)

Time behind bars: NA

He has been behind bars for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and bribery. He once offered a bribe of one million dollars to the policeman so that the charges against him could be dropped.

9. Michael Irvin (Football)

Michael Irvin (Football)

Time behind bars: NA

Michael has been arrested few times for possession of drugs. He was involved in brawls with referees few times which led to his name getting spoilt.

8. Pacman Jones (Football)

Pacman Jones (Football)

Time behind bars: NA

Pacman Jones has been arrested multiple times on charges such as assault and vandalism, possession of drugs, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and intoxication at public places. He was also suspended from NFL for a year due to these criminal intimidations.

7. Tonya Harding (Figure Skating)

Tonya Harding (Figure Skating)

Time behind bars: One Month

Tonya had a professional rivalry with Nancy Kerrigan and the commotion got so wild that she hired a goon to get her opponent fixed up. Kerrigan however recovered from the injury and worn a silver medal at 94 Olympics.

6. Allen Iverson (Basketball)


Time behind bars: 4 months

For any person getting over without fights is something very difficult especially as they are in teenage. During his senior years, Allen Iverson flipped some chairs and injured some people and was awarded 5 years of sentence. However, later he was released after four months only and made his mark as a player.

5. Plaxico Burress (Football)


Time behind bars: 2 Years

Plaxico Burress had to spend two years behind bars for criminal possession of a weapon and has also accidentally fired a round into his own leg once.

4. Steve Durbano (Hockey)

Steve Durbano (Hockey)

Time behind bars: Seven Years

Steve Durbano was once known to lead the league with 370 penalty minutes but was later arrested for trying to smuggle half million dollar worth of cocaine into Canada. He was also involved in a prostitution racket.

3. Art Schilchter (Football)


Time behind bars: 10 plus Years

Schilchter has admitted himself to stealing almost $2 M from an account of his friends and had spent the same in casinos in Vegas. He has spent over 10 years behind bars for many such crimes.

2. Willie Aikens (Baseball)

Willie Aikens (Baseball)

Time behind bars: 20 Years

Willie Aikens was arrested in the year for drug charges and other multiple charges. He was only able to come out of prison in the year 2007.

1. Darryl Henley (Football)

Darryl Henley (Football)

Time behind bars: Currently serving 41 years jail term

Darryl Henley was serving a 20 years sentence for drug trafficking when he hired a criminal for murdering the judge and eventually was awarded another 20 years behind bars and will in all likelihood be behind bars for another 20 years and will come out only in 2031.

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