10 Dilemmas You Must Be Facing In Your 20’s

I am so confused right now, what to do, degree or experience first

During your 20’s, you are stuck at almost all phases of life. What to eat, who to be with are simple yet difficult questions to manage during this time. And there are some more dilemmas you have to deal with.

1. You should have a credit card or not? It’s a tough to decide with all those shopping options available around esp. for girls.

Girl confused, too confused to have a credit card

2. Breaking up in a long distance relationship: You stay miles away and you are already dating a new one. You ever know your long distant partner too is already in another relationship.

I am so confused on long distance relationship


3. Getting married: Your friends around are getting hitched but does this mean even you should? Or you should not because they are doing it and you belong to a different league.

i mean seriously, no marriage please, no marriage plans


4. Should I pick up that high paying job or invest all my savings to start my venture.

oh my god, I don't know what to do, job or business?


5. Is it necessary to exercise daily? Putting on some extra kilos would not stop me many things! I am foodie and people should accept me how I am.

I hate exercises, I just love food



I love eating


6. Am I smart or everyone around is dumb. I think I am smarter.

I am so smart


7. Beer or scotch? Should I stick to beer only or switch to scotch now. It’s been long and I need some change too.

scotch is good, drink safely, scotch is better than beer, try scotch, shift to scotch


8. Where should I spend my savings? Buy a new house this year or a good holiday?

planning investment


9. Should I move out of my parent’s house and start living independently? I will have to manage all my expenses on my own! And that’s not going to be so easy!

I dont know what to do


10. Degree or experience? Take up a job first and understand the world or pick up a management course to study.

I am so confused right now, what to do, degree or experience first


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