10 Coolest Jobs You Can Apply For By Learning Foreign Languages

Foreign languages are always in demand, be it Spanish, French or German. Learning a new language not only opens up new vistas of success for you but will also help you apply for some of the coolest jobs that exist.

10. Game Translator

If you loved playing games as Nintendo, this might interest you. Nintendo and other such companies have always been on the lookout for game translators who can translate the same from English to other foreign languages including Japanese.

game checker, game translator

9. Brand Specialist

Google is on the lookout for brand specialists who can communicate in market including among the ever increasing foreign market. You would be working with Google to spread the message on product improvement in Google.

8. Community Representative

Gaming Company Blizzard which is known for producing games as Diablo and WoW is on the lookout for people fluent in Spanish and English. The work will be to engage and communicate with player communities, primarily Latin American.

7. Air Hostess

If flying high and visiting new places has been on your agenda, the job of flight attendant will always attract you. Better if you know a foreign language, travelling to different countries and exploring their culture will always be a reality.

Air hostess

6. International Not for Profit Organizations

Those with interest in social sector can opt for a career in not for Profit sector which is highly desirable and worth trying. With experience by your side, you can easily opt for working in an international not for Profit organisation. Help people; earn money and travel around the world, sounds interesting, isn’t it!

5. Analyst

Knowing a foreign language can help you get work as an analyst or associate. You can try exploring banking and can do business with clients throughout the world. If you know a foreign language, negotiating with clients can always become easy for you.

4. Photographer

If you have interest in photography, knowing a foreign language can always benefit you. Learn any of the foreign language and you can always try finding some photography assignments in the country of your choice.

3. Fashion Industry

Fashion industry is one of the leading industries which prefer those with knowledge of foreign language. Knowledge of French, Italian and Spanish can always help you get a foothold in fashion industry.


2. Recruiter

With world becoming a small global unit, companies are always on lookout for recruiters who can handle national and international recruitment from their locations. The career is worth a try and you will be helping other people get jobs of their choice.

1. Foreign Correspondents

If you love telling stories of human interest, the role of a correspondent can well suit you. With knowledge of key foreign languages, you will be in a position to travel around the globe and work for leading news agencies.

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