10 Compliments All Men Love To Hear Secretly

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It might surprise you but men too love to hear compliments. After all who would not like to be hear good things? Below we list of the compliments which men always love to hear secretly.

10. On his dressing sense

Men also put in same effort for dressing on special occasions as women do. They would love to hear a compliment on their dress and style though.

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9. On their bodies

Men workout in the gym and keep their body in tone. They also love to hear some positive comments on the hard efforts they might have put in to maintain their body.

8. The safety they offer you

You must be feeling safe when your man is by your side. He will definitely love to hear some positive comments on the efforts he made to keep you in safe company.

7. Compliment him on his interests

He must be pursuing some hobbies or might have some keen interest. It will be good if you compliment sometime on the interests or hobbies which he might be pursuing.

6. His hair

He would love to hear some good compliments on the way he might have maintained his hair. On the other hand if he is losing hair, it will offer him much solace if you stand by him and reassure him that loss of hair is not a big issue.

hair, men with hair

5. His intelligence

A man will love to hear some compliments on his intelligence. You should assure him that you not only like him for his looks but also his intelligence.

4. The Driving Skills

Believe me; your next ride is going to be the best of your life if you compliment him for the driving skills he possesses. After all, he is the one who drives you around the town, even if he is in no mood to do so.

3. Sense of Humor

Sense of humor is one thing which can take any relationship to the highest level. If your man possesses a good sense of humor, it should be appreciated and you should compliment him for having the same.

2. His looks

Men also love to hear compliments on their looks. It will be good on your part if you compliment him once a while on his looks.

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1. The way he maintains his professional and personal life

It is equally difficult for a man to maintain a perfect balance between personal and professional life. Compliment him for the efforts he makes to keep a balance between both and see the positive change it brings in your life.

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