10 Celebs Who Are Earning After Death!

celebs earning after death - Kurt Cobain

You often think to work hard for making money during your whole life. But there are some people who are a good source of money for their spouse, relatives even after their death. You may be surprised after reading this, but yes, they are still alive for the whole world. Here is the list of those celebs that are making money even after death. So here we go

1. Kurt Cobain

celebs earning after death - Kurt Cobain

He was a marshal for Nirvana group, he was a singer. He committed suicide in 1994 but you can still feel his existence in the music world. His widow holds a power of his property and gives license of his name and song catalogue to advertising companies and small screen shows, like “Six Feet Under and CSI”. His widow earns around $50 million in a year and makes him first on the list.

2. Elvis Presley

celebs earning after death - Elvis Presley

He died in 1977 and since then nothing brand new was discovered. But his extremist fans show their dedication for Elvis by buying box sets, remastered recordings, biographies and other Elvis stuff. With this, income also accrued from selling Graceland’s tickets and licensing Elvis’s identity to developers who are planning for new Elvis attraction in Las Vegas. Elvis was number one since many years but today he’s on number two with $42 million income in a year.

3. Charles M. Schulz

celebs earning after death - Charles M. Schulz

Charles Schulz was one of the famous cartoonists, who owns “peanuts” comic and died because of cancer in 2000. But his creation like Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Linus, Peppermint Patty and Lucy still charmed of more than 2400 U.S newspapers. His huge earning comes from small screen specials and licensing agreements with clothing companies. He earns $35 million in a year and with this he’s on number third.

4. John Lennon

celebs earning after death - John Lennon

He was murdered by a crazy fan in 1980. He was a member of Beatles group, but they were separated in 1970. Only his work, purchased by fans in the millions every year, but in inclusion with this, his widow earns in million from the company who have his master recordings. He earns $24 million in a year after his death and become number four on the list.

5. Albert Einstein

celebs earning after death - Albert Einstein

He was a genius we all know that but unfortunately he died in 1955 at the age of 76. Some people are always alive and recognized; this is true in Einstein case. Corbis has image rights of this great physicist. Disney also uses his name in “Baby Einstein” and pay royalties. He earns $20 million in a span of a year, with this he becomes the number 5 in the list.

6. Andy Warhol

celebs earning after death - Andy Warhol

He was a pop artist in Avant – garde and died in 1987. Since then, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, signs the contract with companies for soup cans and portraits for the masses and earned money through them. They earned almost $19 million in a year and secured rank 6th

7. Theodor Geisel, aka Dr Seuss

celebs earning after death - Theodor Geisel, aka Dr Seuss

He died in 1991 but his characters like “cat in the hat” and “Grinch” never be fed also. You can easily see these characters in the movies, clothes, different stuff and even in Broadway Musical. He was one of the finest writer and cartoonist and still making money with his masterpieces. He earned around $10 million in a span of a year; with this he’s able to secure 7

8. Ray Charles

celebs earning after death - Ray Charles

he died in 2004 due to liver failure. But in the same year sales of his songs hit the record. He was a singer and a songwriter. DVD sales of the Oscar-winning film and the biographies of this artist still earned money and kept continuing. He earned highest 10 million in a span of the year and assured place 8th

9. Marilyn Monroe

celebs earning after death - Marilyn Monroe

She died in 1962. She committed suicide or killed by someone is still a mystery for everyone but her blonde hair and breathy voice makes her an iconic Hollywood heroine. Still, people are ready to sell and purchase her glamour. General motors, Absolute and Dom Perignon bought a license by paying a nice amount for using Monroe in their Advertisements. And for these ads, she earned around $8 million in a year and grabbed number 9 in the list.

10. Johnny Cash

celebs earning after death - Johnny Cash

He passed away in 2003. He worked in the movie “Walk the line”. He was a singer and a songwriter. Sales of his songs hit the record of 3.6 million in 2006. Cash’s estate offers a controlled flow of collection never-before-heard tunes from the song deposit and remastered version help him to earn $8 million in a year’s time. With this he’s last on the list with rank 10.

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