10 Big Comeback Failures In Music Industry!

Stars from music  industry have a hectic life. Success rules high on their mind. However, time never remains same and these stars too have to witness bad times. Below are listed some of the top music stars who failed miserably in their comeback season.

1. Britney SpearsComeback Failure - Britney Spears

Britney Spears had an extremely successful career but her short appearance on Twitter created much embarrassment for the star. However, Britney is now working with DJ Mustard and is hopeful of better days. The embarrassment caused by her appearance in “Pretty Girls” is something she will rue for long though.

2. Lil KimComeback Failure - Lil Kim

Known as Queen of Rap in 90’s, Lil Kim had a successful career but eventually could not keep up the tempo. She tried her hand again at Rap with “Black Friday” in 2011 but failed miserably.

3. Limp BizkitComeback Failure - Limp Bizkit

Limp had been a huge hit in late 90’s but eventually the magic started to fizzle out. The group did try to make a comeback in 2005 with The Unquestionable Truth but did not achieve much success. However, Limp did not give up and tried again in 2011 with Gold Cobra but failed again.

4. Ja RuleComeback Failure - Ja Rule

Ja Rule was undoubtedly the best rapper in 90s. The success was however short lived and Ja Rule was lost in the crowd soon. He did release his comeback album The Mirror in 2009 but it failed miserably and eventually Ja had to offer the album as a free download.

5. Dru HillComeback Failure - Dru Hill

Dru Hill came up with a successful album Dru World Order in 2002. They planned a comeback through a live Baltimore Radio Show in 2008 but James Woody Green, a band member announced during the show that he was leaving the group. The entire thing ended in a fiasco and the comeback idea became a big failure.

6. Lil MamaComeback Failure - Lil Mama

Lil Mama came to public notice with her debut single “Lip Gloss” but got rebuffed for her poor VMA performance in 2009. She recently tried to make a comeback again with “Sausage” but sadly no one noticed her.

7. Remy MaComeback Failure - Remy Ma

Remy Ma was a big name in Rap industry once. However times never remain the same and Remy too is having bad share of time. She made numerous attempts of comeback including through an image changeover too, but none worked.

8. CiaraComeback Failure - Ciara

Taking time off for the family proved costly for Ciara who has been a big name in the music industry. Her comeback album “Jackie” failed miserably and she could not keep up the tempo. She was also much criticised on Twitter lately.

9. OliviaComeback Failure - Olivia

Olivia was best known for the tracks she sang along with 50 Cent’s Crew. She tried some solo tracks too and shows like Love & Hip Hop New York. However, she realized her folly soon and admitted that appearing on the show ruined her career.

10. Keri HilsonComeback Failure - Keri Hilson

Keri had a promising career but the incident in which she threw shots at Queen Bey ruined her prospects. She has released some songs in the past days but it seems that luck has run her out and no one is interested in her.

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