10 Best Windows Phone Apps For Photography!

Best Windows apps for photographers - Fantasia painter free

With Window Phones becoming popular by the day, the need for apps that help amateur photographers realize their dream of clicking the perfect shot became a reality. Thankfully a range of window phone apps for photography enthusiasts have come up in recent past and have been received well.

1. ProShotBest Windows apps for photographers - ProShot

ProShot is a wonderful photography app to the extent that you can think of leaving the DLSR behind. It comes with a white balance, ISO, flash, focus and grid display helping you come up with the perfect click, you dreamt of for long.

2. PhotoBeamerBest Windows apps for photographers - PhotoBeamer

This is a slideshow app that enables you to display your clicks on any of the web enabled devices. This is a perfect fit for photography lovers who wish to share their work with family and friends and that too with a professional tone.

3. PhotosynthBest Windows apps for photographers - Photosynth

This pops up as a lens within the camera app and can bring all you photos into a single panorama. The photos can be geo tagged with Photosynth and you can upload the photos to Bing maps.

4. FhotoroomBest Windows apps for photographers - Fhotoroom

You can adjust saturation, exposure, light leakage and red eye with the help of Fhotoroom. The pictures can also be framed and styled with Instagram effects.

5. BlinkBest Windows apps for photographers - Blink

With the help of Blink you can click the photos at an amazing speed so that you do not miss any vital details that need to be captured. The frames also get recorded before and after the shutter release is hit.

6. PhototasticBest Windows apps for photographers - Phototastic

You can not only add effects like brightness, vintage and colors to your photographs with this app but also create a collage of the pictures. Upload the pictures on your social media account and let the world know of your creativity.

7. Fantasia Painter FreeBest Windows apps for photographers - Fantasia painter free

This app is for budding artists and photography enthusiasts. This app has a range of filters, colors and text tools. You can opt for the free or the paid version with the difference being only the presence of ads in the free version.

8. CameraProBest Windows apps for photographers - CameraPro-WP

This photo app is much similar to ProShot with the difference being the presence of some added features. CameraPro has self timer and time lapse options which are a great additive for those who want to click the perfect pictures.

9. Creative StudioBest Windows apps for photographers - Lumia Creative Studio

This photo app is exclusively for Nokia Lumia users and you can do all the usual trimming and phone fixing with this app. The app does not interfere with the original resolution of the picture and can add up that creative touch required with ease.

10. LomogramBest Windows apps for photographers - Lomogram

Lomogram is one app that has over 40 filters and makes your ordinary looking picture feel special. It’s auto-vignetting and contrast saturation will bring life to your clicked pictures. Lomogram is one of the best Window phone apps for photography enthusiasts.

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