10 Best Vodka Cocktails From Around The World!

Vodka cocktails have always been popular with liquor lovers. They not only give an option to avid liquor lovers to experiment but its unique taste makes it a favourite too. Below are listed 10 best Vodka cocktails that you must try for a change.

1.) Vodka MartiniBest Vodka Cocktails - Vodka Martini

This is undoubtedly the best of vodka cocktails as it is considered to be the most basic of the lot. This is used in numerous combinations including Irish Martini and Vesper Martini. The ratio of ingredients can always be changed so as to come up with a unique taste.

2.) CosmopolitanBest Vodka Cocktails - Cosmopolitan

If you are looking for light fruit flavour, vodka is the ideal bet and cosmopolitan will fit the bill perfectly. This cocktail variant can be achieved by mixing numerous fruits as Pineapple, Melon, Kiwi and Apple.

3.) Bloody MaryBest Vodka Cocktails - Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary can be a great drink for the weekend and this vodka and tomato juice combination is a perfect fit for those who look to start their morning on a healthy note. Lot of experimentation has been done in its recipe and numerous popular variants are available.

4.) Black RussianBest Vodka Cocktails - Black Russian

Simple to make and great in taste, Black Russian is a combination of vodka and coffee liqueur. In Fact, Black Russian serves as a base for different vodka combinations that have been tried over the years.

5.) Vodka CollinsBest Vodka Cocktails - Vodka Collins

If you are looking for a refreshing drink after a hectic day at work, Vodka Collins is the best. A refreshing combination of vodka soda and lemon, Vodka Collins takes less than a minute for preparation.

6.) Moscow MuleBest Vodka Cocktails - Moscow Mule

The credit for inciting the interest of Americans to vodka goes to Moscow Mule. It is extremely easy to prepare and all you needs is vodka, lime and some ginger beer. This variant of Vodka was introduced in mid 20th century and is popular even today.

7.) ScrewdriverBest Vodka Cocktails - Screwdriver

Among the variants of vodka that depend largely on fruits, Screwdriver is the most common. It is extremely easy in preparation and all you need is vodka and some fresh orange juice. To add that extra tinge of freshness, you can also add some grapefruit and cranberry.

8.) MadrasBest Vodka Cocktails - Madras Mia

Madras is another favourite vodka cocktail that draw inspiration from Screwdriver. You can mix some cranberry, orange juice and vodka to create this unique taste that can be enjoyed on any day.

9.) Lemon Drop MartiniBest Vodka Cocktails - Lemon Drop Martini

If sweet and sour is the taste that you are after, Lemon Drop Martini is the one that you should try. A simple sweet and sour martini, it requires only vodka and fresh lemon juice and some precision for taste.

10.) Campari CocktailBest Vodka Cocktails - Campari Cocktail

For real lovers of vodka, the tale will not end until they try Campari Cocktail which is a bitter variant of vodka. Though it takes some practise to get used to its unique taste but once you are through, you will wish to have the same again too.

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