10 Best Romantic Movies Of All Time!

Best Romantic movies of all time - The Notebook

In Our last edition we brought to you the list of the best romantic holiday destinations, carrying on the romance here is a roundup of 10 of the best romantic movies of all time.


Best Romantic movies of all time - WHEN HARRY MET SALLY

Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal doesn’t seem to be a good match in real life, and it appears to be the same way in this classic movie too. At the end both of them end up bonding over their differences and find love in some of the most romantic scenes of all time.


Best Romantic movies of all time - LOVE ACTUALLY
Love actually is an all in one movie that has humor, superstar cast and many meaningful love stories which makes it all the more interesting and a romantic movie in our list. There is also a big Christmas celebration to watch in the movie. It is a rom-com i.e. both humorous and serious than the other films that are added into your lists.


Best-Romantic-movies-of-all-time-You've -Got-Mail
Online romance is popular these days but in 1988 it was a new thing and You’ve Got Mail was the film that took up this concept to the next level. This movie was an instant tearjerker after the success of AOL, and Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan together again but it was a warning as well that one never knows that he person who you liked online may be the person you start disliking the most.


Best Romantic movies of all time - The Notebook
The Notebook is one of the best romantic movies- a translation of Nicholas Spark’s love story performed stunningly by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. It is a story that a real life couple can connect with their life and driving people crazy for the ages.


Best Romantic movies of all time - 50 First Dates
It is a story of a man named Henry Roth who is afraid of making commitments until he meets the beautiful Lucy. He thinks that he has finally found her dream girl, but soon he discovers that she has a short term memory loss and forgets him every next day.


Best Romantic movies of all time - Titanic
Titanic as a whole is one of the greatest romantic movies one can see. The makers of Titanic have crafted the event of sinking into a romantic love story with a bittersweet ending. It is obvious that the movie made all well as Celine Dion’s epic Titanic theme make one of one’s Most Romantic Songs list.


Best Romantic movies of all time - SERENDIPITY
Jonathan and Sara live in New York City and are already in relationship. When they first met each other they were reaching for a last pair of cashmere gloves at super market. They go for a coffee and end up in an intimate conversation and Jonathan wishes to see her again. But Sara is not convinced and asks him if fate meant them to be together they’ll be and they will receive some sort of sign in the future.


Best Romantic movies of all time - SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE
Shakespeare has not written anything recently but has got a nasty case of writer’s segment. He is writing for Philip Henslowe who owns a theatre which is soon going to shut down. Some of Shakespeare’s new comedy- The Rose’s solvency is safely locked away which says that not a word of it is written and Lady Viola who admires Shakespeare’s plays.


Best Romantic movies of all time SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE
Sam’s wife has just died recently and is finding someone new. Sam’s son Jonah is also looking for a new mother, and puts his father on a national radio. In return they get replies from hundreds of women one of which was Annie. Although she was engaged to someone else but came to meet Sam all the way long.


Best Romantic movies of all time - CASABLANCA
Casablanca is the story of a freedom fighter Rick Blain who runs a nightclub during the early parts of World War 2. One day to his surprise known personality Victor Laszlo and his wife visited the club who left him when the Nazis invaded Paris. But her love for Rick has made her stay behind in Casablanca.

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