10 Best DC Comics Artists Of All Time!

Best DC Comic Artists - George Perez

Comics have always been the favourite of children and it is no different when it comes to the popularity of DC Comics. Despite the fact that its rival Marvel Comics gave it a tough fight, DC Comics have been able to maintain their distinct attraction over the years.
Below are listed the 10 best DC comic artists who have influenced its success and have made it extremely popular over time.

1.) Neal Adams

Best DC Comic Artists - Neal Adams
Neal Adams was extremely popular in the comic book series in 1960s with his appearance in the ever popular Deadman series. The entire perception of superheroes changed after the advent of this character and post his appearance in the Deadman series, Neal Adams moved to more compelling characters in the Batman series.

2.) Carmine Infantino

Best DC Comic Artists - Carmine Infantino
It was with the launch of Showcase#4 comic series in late 1950s that Carmine Infantino revolutionized the dying comic industry. Carmine not only gave a new lease of life to the Batman series but also played a detrimental role in creation of a new version of Batgirl.

3.) George Perez

Best DC Comic Artists - George Perez
The characters in this series seemed so distinct from others of the lot. The comics in this series were published briefly from 1985 to 1986 to celebrate 50 years of DC comics. Many characters from the past made their appearance in this series and with the publication of Crisis, this comic series gave a roadmap to future publications from DC Comics.

4.) Joe Kubert

Best DC Comic Artists - Joe Kubert
Joe Kubert had an accomplishing life as an artist considering the fact that he was active until his death in 2012. He is best known for his work with Hawkman during the 1950s. Among the numerous comic series he gave, Hawkman has remained the best and inspires comic creators even today.
He was also known for his contribution to DC Comic series with his creations namely G.I Combat and Our Army at War.

5.) Frank Miller

Best DC Comic Artists - Frank Miller
Miller was popular in 1980s as he helped DC Comics reinvent itself. His series The Dark Knight Returns helped Frank create a name for himself. Frank inspired generations of comic lovers and made a comeback in 2001 with the second version of The Dark Knight Returns.

6.) Joe Shuster

Best DC Comic Artists - Joe Shuster
The trademark “S” logo of mythological hero Superman has lived over the ages and the credit for creating this popular character goes to Joe Shuster, another best DC Comic artist of the lot. Sadly, Joe got entangled in a legal battle with DC Comics over the copyright of Superman and he eventually quit his career as his eyesight was fading.

7.) Gill Kane

Best DC Comic Artists - Gill Kane
Gill Kane is perhaps the only comic artists who split his time equally among DC and Marvel comics. He is better known for reinventing numerous comic characters including Plastic Man and Green Lantern. After working for both comic series during 1950’s, Gill eventually moved to Marvel Comics in 1960s.

8.) Jerry Robinson

Best DC Comic Artists - Jerry Robinson
For those of you who have read the Batman series, the character of Joker or Clown Prince of Crime is something to remember about. Jerry Robinson was the one, you need to thank for creating this popular character.

9.) Curt Swan

Best DC Comic Artists - Curt Swan
If you have got the chance to read through the Superman series from 1950s to 1980s, it is Curt Swan who needs to get most of the credit. Curt is the artist who drew the popular character Superman. He is also credited with creating several rivals of Superman including Terra Man and Vartox.

10.) Jack Kirby

Best DC Comic Artists - Jack Kirby
Jack worked with DC Comics during 1970s and created new titles as Mister Miracle and The New Gods. He is also credited with creating ever popular characters like the Twin Planets of New Genesis which remain popular until date.

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