10 Baseball Records That May Never Be Broken

Cal Ripken

Every sporting event has its unique set of records and baseball is no exception. This game has also seen numerous records being created and some of these may perhaps be never broken. Below are listed some of such baseball records.

1. Most wins in a lifetime (Cy Young) 511

Cy Young played during the 1890s and to break this record a pitcher will have to win 25 games for 20 years. Cy Young was able to win 511 wins during the career and only Walter Johnson was able to come closer with 417 wins.

Cy Young

2. Most triples in a lifetime (Sam Crawford) 309

The current leader in this category is Johnny Damon who has 94 career triples. Stan Musial was able to score 177 triples but none could match the strength and precision of Sam Crawford who was able to score 309 triples in his career.

3. Highest batting average in a lifetime (Ty Cobb) 366

Ted William who retired in 1960 was the only player who could come up with an average of 344. Of all the current players in the arena, Albert Pujols has been able to score 334 but still is away from the record-breaking performance.

4. Most consecutive games played (Cal Ripken) 2632

It was said that Lou Gehrig’s record of 2130 games would not be broken unless Cal Ripken came and played 2632 consecutive games to be ranked as the player who played most number of games.

Cal Ripken

5. Highest batting average in a season (Roger Hornsby) 424

Roger Hornsby made 424 in 1924 and the closest to come to this record was Ted Williams who made 400 in a season in 1941.

6. Longest hitting streak (Joe DiMaggio) 56 games

Joe DiMaggio was the one who played 56 games in 1941 and Pete Rose came close with his 44 game streaks in 1978 during the National League.

7. Most grand slams in an inning (Fernando Tatis) 2

Tatis is the one who hit two salamis in one inning. He achieved this feat in 1999 and the record is still to be broken.

Fernando Tatis

8. Most Home Runs (Mickey Mantle) 18

This list has Mickey Mantle as the topper and Babe Ruth comes close with 15, Yogi Berra with 12 and Duke Snider with 11 follow closely. However, they have not been able to break the record of Mickey Mantle.

9. Most consecutive no-hitter (Johnny Vander Meer) 2

Though even one no-hitter is a rarity Johnny Vander Meer was the one who threw two of these in a row.

10. Toughest batter to strike out (Joe Sewell) 114

Sewell has been the toughest batter to strike out and his strikeout for nearly 63 at-bats has been the best in history so far. In 1932, he was able to strike out three times and in 503 at-bats over during the course of the entire season.

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