10 Attractive Body Language Gestures That Make You Likeable

Unknown to yourself only, it is very evident that you make body language gestures all the while. These body gestures speak a lot about your confidence levels and also about your general outlook.

Attractive Body Language Gestures


However, in order to be special and make others feel special you should be following a set of body language gestures. Below we list some of these body language gestures which are likely to enhance your social outlook and appearance.

10. Touching the other person

You might have seen on political debates two people greeting warmly each other. Such a gesture creates an instant sense of bonding. Try this with your close friends, put a hand on their shoulder or pat them on the back. This will create a sense of belongingness and make you likable instantly.

9. Keep the posture straight

If you wish to look and feel confident stand up in a straight posture. A firm back inspires confidence and makes you look knowledgeable. Other people around will take you to be a learned person and will listen to you with seriousness.

8. Pivot towards others

Leaning away from the person with whom you are engaged in some sort of talk will make you look disinterested in them. Instead pivot towards the person with whom you are in a discussion. This way you would show your seriousness towards the ongoing discussion and inspire confidence in the person with whom you are in a discussion.

7. Maintain eye contact

It is always essential to have eye contact with the other person with whom you are in a discussion. Maintaining eye contact shows your confidence and makes the other person listen to you in attention.

6. Follow their movements

Whenever in a discussion, it is important to follow the movements of the person with whom you are in a discussion. If the person is smiling, it will look courteous that you follow the gesture. This shows your seriousness towards the person and makes you look good.


5. Smile, but not too often

Whenever in a discussion, a smile at the wrong time can sent confusing signals. Instead, wait for the right moment to send across that smile. This will work in your favor always.

4. Engage wholeheartedly

Whenever meeting friends or colleagues for an official meeting do not deviate from the subject on which you intend to talk. This makes other people disinterested in you and if you repeat this often, people will stop taking your seriously. Instead, make sure that you have complete hold on the topic you are speaking.

Attractive Body Language Gestures

3. Keep feet straight

Your feet should be straight and pointed towards the person with whom you are talking. Crossed feet always send alarming signals to others and they might not take you seriously.

2. Open Hands

The position of your hands also speaks a lot about your confidence level. Keep them open always as closed fists or crossed hands show that you might be nervous while interacting with others, like in a public meeting.

1. Greet others politely

You will only get informal with a group of people when you interact with them repeatedly. During your first interaction with them, you should be greeting people politely. You can always begin a discussion with a polite hello.


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